The Light Shines the Brightest In Darkness

by | Alchemy, Rebirth, Shadow Work

 “You have to know the dark side” he told me. And reluctantly I started my journey into the underworld, where all of my potential was waiting for me to be born.

He crossed my path at a time when I was heavily polarized into the light. I had ascended into the brightest parts of my being, where the laws of physics have no power. And all I wanted was to merge back with spirit because everyday life felt meaningless.

I was on my way to train with Sun Tao Masters, called to this particular lineage by spirit, but somehow this man unexpectedly appeared to alter my path and steer me back towards my center.

He was my polar opposite, and unconsciously or consciously his task was to mirror back to me who I am in all my glory. And in him I saw myself from another vantage point as he opened the door to the dark, hidden, left-hand, moon centered path. 

To be honest, I didn’t even know about the sacred dance between darkness and light, the dance that keeps us going because I was unconscious of universal laws just like most of humanity is today.

By opening the door to darkness I learned that the light shines the brightest in darkness and that it is only by delving deep into the dark unconscious that we can become conscious of the potential it holds. Running away from darkness takes us further away from union with the divine and gives us a false sense of oneness, a sense of oneness that is based on external events and control of others.

Inside darkness I found my soul’s lineage, my journey through creation and my purpose for being here. I understood that Earth is the most important destination, the place that brings us back into union through the dance between the light and dark.

To start dancing consciously I had to look at darkness through the eyes of oneness, because it is easy to get lost inside polarization. Trying to find a scapegoat or an emergency exit.

Every time I looked at darkness I saw myself from another vantage point. I saw my beauty and my talents in its reversed form. Darkness became my cherished ally and underneath every pain, hurt, confusion and injustice I found much more of myself.

The blind spot is the part of ourselves that we can only see in relationship with one another. 

A Feminine Path to Healing

Walking the Rose Path is a natural part of our human evolution as we reconnect to the Divine Feminine essence that has been suppressed in humanity for millennia. Once reclaimed, we restore balance and harmony on all levels of our being, which allows us to experience life as full expressions of our divinity.

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