Where the River Meets the Sea

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Traveling along the Nile, protected and guided by the Divine Mother, the ancients found deeper wisdom and truth on their soul journeys only to finally arrive “where the river meets the sea”.

The ancients saw their land as a sacred reflection of Heaven on Earth and perceived the Nile as the earthly mirror of the Milky Way, known to them as the celestial river.

Just like the ancients I too had to travel down my personal river to meet the sea and realized that the entire ordeal was guided by the stars.

My own soul journey ended in a small beach village called Åhus in southern Sweden, stemming from its ancient name Aos which synchronistically means “where the river meets the sea”.

It was there I found my roots, my lineage and my soul.

It was there I learned how to live with the natural cycles of life and to honor each season.

It was there I awakened to the natural elements and understood how to use them consciously.

It was there I became a bridge between Heaven and Earth ready to face the world with new direction and meaning.

My soul journey started many years ago when I was called to Sedona through meeting my inner Father, who showed me the solar system and how everything was part of a much bigger cosmic plan.

I understood that my life had meaning and purpose but that I had to live it to understand it.

Once I arrived in Sedona I was divinely orchestrated to meet with a man who could mirror back the parts of myself that were hidden from my awareness. In him I saw myself.

Blueprints of the Great Pyramid started to arise within me and I started feeling the pull towards an ancient civilization that never captivated me before. A pull that became stronger and stronger with time.

Shortly after that I started working with a quantum healing modality that allowed me to facilitate dialogues with the Higher Selves of my clients, and together we discovered that we all knew one another through our Higher Self aspects in Sirius. We were star sisters and brothers.

Important transmissions about our lost history came through during cosmic alignments and I was given a summary of my past, present and future from Sirius, which was described as “a gateway to the upper dimensions”, a place of creation whereas Earth was a place of action.

And then the inevitable happened. I had to go to Egypt. Synchronicity after synchronicity guided me and suddenly I was in there with six other soulmates who had also received the call. We united with a group of local soulmates and celebrated our union by walking together in some of the most beautiful soul missions I have ever experienced.

Egypt felt so incredibly human and heavenly at the same time and doors would open one after another as we walked in the footsteps of the ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. People greeted us with love and compassion and it truly felt like coming home after being gone for lifetimes.

Inside the King’s Chamber I felt like a human angel and started chanting beautiful soul felt sounds naturally together with my soulmates that somehow activated an etheric crystal underneath the pyramid.

And I learned about the etheric Earth grids that circulate energy throughout the planet and how it was time for them to be reignited again after having been shut off for a long, long time.

My journey towards bridging Heaven and Earth through myself continued as I traced my soul’s lineage back to Spain, Greece and my ancestors from the Atlantean era only to end up in Sweden again where I was guided to follow the local river to see where it met the sea.

And there I found Sirius street and realised that all roads lead to Sirius for me.

As above, so below. As within so without.

Do you know where your river meets the sea?

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