Every single one of us is here on Earth to walk a unique life path, a path that was predetermined before we were born.

We often get glimpses or guidance on our life path, which come in the form of precognition, intuition, synchronicity or life changing events that push us forward on our path.

But most of us don’t get to remember why we came here and what path we are walking, so we walk our paths unconsciously. Until the day when we become conscious of the path.

Throughout the years, my own life path has been revealed to me which allows me to approach life with much more peace, acceptance and understanding when things are falling apart. My spiritual awakening was the starting point of me finding out why I am here and what my life path is all about.

Even though I was born with an innate knowing of being here for a reason, I started to forget the bigger picture when I started school and much of my inner understanding was lost.

I did get to keep one very special memory though. When I was around five years old I had a very non-earthly vision, in golden-white colors, of a man carrying a woman up some heavenly stairs. I could feel God’s love in my heart and beautiful, soulfelt music was playing in the background as he returned her to her throne in the heavens.

I understood many years later that this particular vision was showing me the reason why I am here, which is to restore the Divine Feminine essence within myself. And as I do this I pave the way for all the women that will come after me. This is my personal contribution to our world.

I started walking what I call the Rose Path consciously after a series of enlightening events, and my Divine Feminine essence started to rise from within me in the most unexpected way. She returned inner wisdom and truth to my being, which allows me to understand life in a much bigger way while still being very human.

And even though I don’t know where this life path will end, I walk it consciously every day. And I know that all my words, action and thoughts are aligned with that one heavenly vision that I received at the age of five.

Throughout the years I also crossed paths with others who are walking the Rose Path both consciously and unconsciously. Since a cosmic cycle has come to an end many more of us will know exactly why we are here and how to walk our paths with clarity and conviction.

Soul groups walk in circles and even though each life path is unique and different, there are certain universal missions and visions that unite us on our paths.

What’s your life path? Do you know?

And if you are curious to know if you too are walking the Rose Path, you can take my ten question quiz to find out

A Feminine Path to Healing

Walking the Rose Path is a natural part of our human evolution as we reconnect to the Divine Feminine essence that has been suppressed in humanity for millennia. Once reclaimed, we restore balance and harmony on all levels of our being, which allows us to experience life as full expressions of our divinity.

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