Summer season allows us to shed light on the sleeping wisdom that we carry inside of ourselves, to make it conscious and useful in the outer world.

Each season is part of the planetary cycles of life that steer our evolution. While winter is a time for introspection and spring is a time for rebirth, summer is a time for being active, alive and living out all the potential that we discovered and birthed during previous seasons.

Working with the natural cycles of life instead of against them makes life so much easier and more enjoyable.

For years, I have been receiving information from within about cellular regeneration and healing distorted blueprints connected to the Divine Feminine essence, information that wasn’t complete, mainly because it needed to be brought into the world slowly, in cyclical ways so that it could be used in a balanced and timely way.

Still, I am grateful to receive every single seed to greater wisdom, no matter how small it is, and even more excited when I can see that my seeds have started to grow.

Today was an exciting day because I could see how all the small seeds that I planted in the past have started growing into a big, lush forest.

Summer season has showed me cellular regeneration in a new light. From being some kind of complex unconscious process unknown to most people, it has become something very natural and beautiful.

I realized that cellular regeneration is super simple and can be achieved by finding the perfect balance between our feminine and masculine poles.

When balanced, the body has the ability to rejuvenate itself. An unbalanced lifestyle without the understanding of how to honor this balance is what creates havoc inside our bodies.

What was hiding in my dark, inner worlds during winter and was planted into the soil during spring has now grown into useful understanding during summer. 

Now I am looking forward to the fall season when I will be able to reap the benefits of my newfound awareness and the conscious action that I will take during summer in regards to cellular regeneration.

And since we all plant seeds in our own unique way, we enlighten the world constinuously, forest after forest.

What seeds are you planting?

A Feminine Path to Healing

Walking the Rose Path is a natural part of our human evolution as we reconnect to the Divine Feminine essence that has been suppressed in humanity for millennia. Once reclaimed, we restore balance and harmony on all levels of our being, which allows us to experience life as full expressions of our divinity.

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