The Cycles of the Rose

Embrace your Feminine Flow

In this journal you will be able to take notes about your life and well-being during the four main phases of the moon cycle; the New Moon, the First Quarter, the Full Moon and the Last Quarter. There is also room for reflection and closure after each cycle. 

Through journaling you will gain a deeper understanding of your natural cycles, your body and the way you can utilize your feminine flow for healing, health and vitality.

Connected to the Moon

As women, we are cyclical in nature. Just like the ocean, we are deeply connected to the phases of the moon, and the more we connect to our bodies and our inner wisdom the more we understand the universal flow of life.

Utilizing the phases of the moon to navigate through life was once common practice for humanity, especially amongst us women who were the keepers of this sacred knowledge.

But somewhere along the way we forgot, as we favored the sun over the moon, the light over the dark and the masculine over the feminine.

Awareness through Journaling

You will most likely gain deep insights after completing the first cycle, but continue for at least three cycles to see the bigger picture.

With each cycle you become more self-aware and in tune with your body and the way the Divine Feminine essence is expressed through you.

You will eventually understand what your body needs during the different phases of the moon cycle, which makes it easier to navigate through life and make choices that are in alignment with your feminine flow.

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You can buy the journal at your nearest Amazon store. It is available in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan. Amazon will ship to most locations so if your country of residence is not listed, they can still ship it to you. 

A Rose Walking the Rose Path

My name is Caroline and I am the Rose behind the Rose Path. Looking back at my life I realize that I have always walked the Rose Path even though I was not aware of it.

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