Dream Journaling for More Self-Awareness

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Dreams are portals to the many dimensions of your being.

They often reveal your innermost desires, fears, subconscious aspects and potential in a slightly different format than you are used to.

Nobody taught us how to dream. It is something we have to learn on our own as we delve deep into the unknown without a body, a passport or a roadmap.

When we become conscious within our dreams we also have the ability to access information and wisdom that can help us make more sense of life.

We can start setting intentions or ask questions to see what kind of answers we receive within our dreams.

In my journal, The Guidance of the Rose you are encouraged to note down and reflect upon your dream experiences so that you can get a deeper understanding of your personal dream processes.

You may discover that there are different types of dreams. From random thought processing dreams to otherworldly encounters.

You may access emotions that you are unable to express in your daily life.

You may get revelations, premonitions or explanations to universal law, the law that governs this universe.

You may even get to meet your loved ones, living or dead, in a different version than you are used to. Or speak with spirit guides and councils.

And you may travel further into your consciousness to see where it all started, or what the future holds for humanity.

Dreaming is supposed to enhance your human experience and ancient wisdom keepers were experts at tapping into their dream worlds and use them for daily guidance.

Conscious dreaming is your birthright, that you need to reclaim if you haven’t already done so.

A Feminine Path to Healing

Walking the Rose Path is a natural part of our human evolution as we reconnect to the Divine Feminine essence that has been suppressed in humanity for millennia. Once reclaimed, we restore balance and harmony on all levels of our being, which allows us to experience life as full expressions of our divinity.

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The Guidance of the Rose – Journal

In this journal you will be able to take notes about your inner experiences to help you remember and understand the guidance that is being presented to you. There is also room for reflection and interpretation connected to each experience.

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