Awakening to the Natural Elements

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When the four natural elements started to awaken within my body they became my teachers as I learned about the elemental world by becoming one with it. It was an experience that I never saw coming, and today I cannot imagine life without it.

About three years ago, I moved to a small village by the sea and in that moment the four elements suddenly became not only my teachers but natural, conscious parts of my being.

The Water Element

At first, the water element started to make its presence known by calling me to the beach every single morning. The desire to walk in water, bathe in water, drink water and honor water started to rise from within. I couldn’t get enough of water as the seasons showered me with opportunities to experience its many forms through weather changes and the ever-changing sea.

From heavy rain storms to quick dips in the sea and long showers at home, I loved the way water cleansed and healed my being. I also noticed that water opened up my emotions like no other element. Whenever I would take a bath, I found myself crying as soon as I entered the tub.

I dreamed of water and fish-like mermen, and realized that the water element was just as present inside of my body as it was in my outer world. I could feel my body becoming liquid-like and free-flowing, like a river or waterfall, often accompanied by a cooling sensation. It was weird at first but once the other elements started to awaken within me I understood their function from a holistic perspective.

The Earth Element

The earth element was probably one of the hardest elements for me to embrace because it pulled down my free flowing spirit, made me super heavy and caused me to eat all the time. I embraced its nature and allowed it to teach me how to live a grounded and material life.

I had been a traveler all my life, always moving freely from one place to the next, but all of a sudden I enjoyed being bound to one location and loved just staying at home. I started to indulge in earthly pleasures and food became so much more enjoyable as I packed on a lot of extra pounds.

I also started spending much more money on self-care and enjoyed buying material things that were beautiful such as artwork, jewellery, dresses and flowers. I loved connecting with the earth, running sand through my fingers or burying my feet in the sand.

And some days my body secretly wished I was an animal so I could roll around on moist grass and sleep outdoors under the stars. I loved being in darkness and feeling like an ancient mother goddess holding all of the universe inside her dark womb.

The Fire Element

Being born on the Pisces/Aries cusp, my inner fire was often tamed by my watery emotions, but when my inner fire awakened without the presence of the water element it was a force to be reckoned with, a force that could burn down the old so that new worlds could be built on top of its ashes. A great transformer and rebirther.

I also learned that the fire element doesn’t have to be destructive in nature, but can easily be transmuted into birthing the most beautiful creative projects with no effort. By aligning the fire element with my inner creativity I could use its raging force to create better ways of life.

The fire element is also healing, through its burning nature, that allows it to dissolve stagnant energy and warm up cold and dark spots inside the body. It keeps the body warm in colder climates and makes sure that no colds or viruses can survive inside the body for too long.

I honor the fire element whenever I light a candle, sit in front of a fireplace, enjoy a hot sauna or feel the warmth of the sun rays on my skin.

The Air Element

The last element to awaken during my three year stay in my sleepy beach village was the air element. The last year or so I started feeling a heaviness in my breathing. I couldn’t take deep breaths and sometimes my breath would stop all together as I would go into a breathless state of being where I had to shake my whole body to start breathing again.

Doctors could not find anything wrong with me and even though I knew that there wasn’t any physical problem with my body I had to put an end to my mind’s doubts to honor my intuitive brain that knew exactly what was going on. I longed to feel alive again since this state of restricted breathing made me feel stagnated and tired.

Eventually I had enough of my mysterious breathing problems so I started exercising with a personal trainer which forced me to become super aware of my breath. Slowly my breath returned and I could feel myself coming alive again after a long, long sleep.

One day as I was singing outside I started hearing the wind sing along with me by using a nearby tree as an instrument. It was one of the most touching and beautiful moments in my life, realizing that we could co-create like this and that the wind was alive and conscious.

The air element awakened in me that same evening as it opened up my lungs and started blowing out of me in a powerful and cleansing way. I became the air element and could feel it opening up my entire being as I merged with it. I felt refreshed, cleansed, healed and alive, so incredibly alive. Like I was the breath of life. And I understod that the wind element is what makes us come alive when we are born and take our first breath and stays with us until we take our last breath. 

And somehow I was reborn, through the breath of life. Ready to face the next cycle of life, consciously aware of being one with the natural elements and their powers in such a deep and intimate way. 

The famous pine tree on Åhus beach in southern Sweden. The trunk is divided into three parts at the bottom and forms a throne where one can sit.

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