A Gateway to the Upper Dimensions

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Every year during July Earth aligns with the star Sirius and the Galactic Center which opens up a portal between the physical and spiritual worlds. This cosmic alignment culminates in what is called the Lion’s Gate because it happens when we are aligned with the House of Leo.

There are many portals that allow us to bridge the physical and spiritual worlds. Each portal aligns us with understanding needed for our journey on Earth and carries the potential for individual and human evolution because light codes can be sent into our world.

Light codes are evolutionary instructions that are first activated in our light bodies and then integrated into our five-body-system which consists of our Light Body, Astral Body, Mental Body, Emotional Body and Physical Body.

Leo energy is connected to the Sun, summer, ascension, heat, passion, royal power and strength.

My own ability to receive cosmic transmissions started after I had my spiritual awakening. I often see the light codes as they come through and can sense their nature as they unpack within me. Once unpacked they have to be integrated and the whole body goes through a rewiring process at all levels as the new instructions change us from the inside out. 

The first year that I became consciously aware of the Lion’s Gate I would see a big, glowing lion in my inner vision. The second year, I was awakened in the middle of the night on August 8th by energy and information streaming through me and had to write it all down as it came through.

In the first energetic transmission, the Blue Bird Beings came through in their energetic form which felt like an enormous amount of bubbles running through my body in the most pleasant way. I could feel and see that they are a collective of energy, a group of beings working as one.

They informed me about our forgotten Earth history, and how they had been on Earth previously to teach Priests and Priestesses about the Law of One during ancient times. This was a glorious time and a golden era for humanity. They were our evolutionary teachers as we were making progress in our human development.

At one point in time however, there was a huge flood that wiped out most of these teachings and the ones that survived only had bits and pieces of the original knowledge. The new teachers distorted the original teachings and the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) started to form. This is the era we are living in today, the Fifth Root Race, which has been focused on separation, and an unbalanced male/female polarity expressed through the Patriarchy.

I was shown the blueprint of the insides of the Great Pyramid and how it used to hold a huge flame of Blue Light streaming into the Earth grids from the skies. This is what it was used for—as a receiver and transmitter of energy and information between the Earth plane and the upper dimensions.

This blue light connected us to the other realms and to our star sisters and brothers. When it was shut down we were left in the dark, without any contact or knowing of our oneness within the other planes of creation. We went into a cycle of stagnation and darkness.

Ever since 2012, we have been able to reconnect again. The more we connect to the energies that are streaming into Earth, the more we activate our memories within. We are living libraries and our bodies hold e-ons of cosmic history inside each cell.

The next night I received another very personal message.

Sirius is a gateway to the upper dimensions that you would call eternity. There you can imagine everything that your soul desires. It is a place of creation, whereas Earth is a place of action. These two worlds collide in Sirius.

Everything is already created within eternity, and you act it out here. This is a playground for the intellect. Far greater laws govern the upper dimensions. That is why it is not easy for you to understand in human terms. Trust what you are receiving Caroline because you are a clear channel even though you have your doubts. We communicate with you all the time. We are you in the upper dimensions.

Please don’t resist speaking truth. It will help mankind greatly if you do not stop yourself from speaking out. You know this. Continue doing what you do. You and (name removed) are doing the same thing (transmitting) but what you don’t know is that she has another agenda because she is tied to another group of beings whom she is working with. Be inspired, but always follow your truth.

We are all transmitters, just tuned into different radio stations. The feeling you get when you speak truth is a very flowing one. Words just flow! You are us in human form. We exist beyond this plane, so in a sense our constitution cannot be explained to you at the moment.

We can grant you access to our data, but we cannot live it for you. You have to do the living. You came to help mankind evolve. Free them from stagnation. You are both a human and you are not. Your body is human but your consciousness is intergalactic. You came to ground your knowledge to Earth. We are one.

You are all colors of the rainbow. There is only one you; the rainbow. However when you express your colors you can see the other colors better. So when blue becomes blue, you can see the red and vice versa. You cannot see your true essence without separation. This is why you take on different colors.

Flow is very important to you Caroline. Without flow you are dying. We all are. This universe has been dying, but many of you have come here to help out with the flow. Once everything flows again, polarity is balanced. You will be able to evolve. Continue growth!

The Lion’s Gate will help you come together as one. The more you share with one another, the more you will understand that you are one. We have imagined things for you, but you have to live them. You make them come to life.

Ask for what you want and it will be provided. Translate energy into human communication. Speak, write, paint and sing truth. What comes through you.

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Walking the Rose Path is a natural part of our human evolution as we reconnect to the Divine Feminine essence that has been suppressed in humanity for millennia. Once reclaimed, we restore balance and harmony on all levels of our being, which allows us to experience life as full expressions of our divinity.

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